Help me choose: 3808 or 3800


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Its hard to choose, especially when it's something that I have to live with for many years. I'm not someone that changes every year.
So i want to do the right choice.

I Have Monitor Audio Silver speakers(7.1) and a SVS sub.
I had a Sony 940q receiver that sounded good.(well i cant compare to others, so for me it sounded good, lived with it for 5 years)

But time to upgrade for 7.1 HD sound.

I will use it mainly for HT and Games.

First I decided to go with Denon, but some things made me change my mind.
both receivers are good. so it all comes to features, reliability and looks.
I think both sounds very good. i dont know if there is that much difference between one receiver and another.
People say Yamaha sound bright but from reviews i read, none mentioned.
So i think its just imagination of people.
There is much more difference between speakers then receivers.

I already ordered the 3808 but im still on time to change my mind.
What i like:
-USB on the back
-Firmware upgrades


What I dont like, well the Denon got already a lot of updates.
That can be a good thing, but from what I read on forums, there are a lot of bugs in these new Denon receivers, so I'm wondering if they didnt released an unfinnished product.
I don't read complaints about the Yamaha, just that it dont overlay OSD on HDMI.
But I dont know how much important that is for me.
The GUI, dont know how much important that is for me, because i never used it on my Sony. Both use also command progs on pc.
They seem more useful then the GUI itself.(can be wrong though)
I heard Denon aren't reliable and there customer service is really bad.
Dont know how much truth is in there, but reliablity for a product is very important.

So please help me decide.

btw sorry for my crappy english, its not my native language


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