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I have about £900ish to spend and was looking for a 37" LCD TV which I intend to use with SKY HD straight away and add a home cinema/DVD later. I dont use it for gaming but would like something that could be compatible with my computer in case I want to use it for pictures or music later on. I watch a lot of sports and I also like to watch music channels so sound is improtant as well as fast moving picture ability.

I have had Sharp LCD before and have been reasonably happy with it but wanted to make sure I get the best for my money. 37" is as far as I can go size-wise without risking divorce!

Any advice would be welcome, i have been told the toshiba 37WLT68 is quite good. Any thoughts from the experts out there??
I'm not an expert but was going to suggest that Tosh as it was instantly the best 37" LCD I could think of within the price range. I have a 32WLT66 and have been very happy with it. Use it with my PC, Sky HD and Xbox 360. Only thing that could have been improved is the black levels but thats a common occurence with LCD's.
I am not a moderator but posts such as yours annoy me! If only you had read the Stickys at the head of this forum and then used the search facility (top right) then having read all the relevant answer tjhere should be no question However if you are still unsure.... then yes I would be pleased to enter into a dialogue because we would then be kindred spirits.. But every day it seems that someone who has not taken the time to look through the enormous archive on this forum posts the obvious Un-answerable question.
There are very diverse opinions on most makes/models on this site explore these using the search engine - but most of all go to a shop where hopefully you can get the set properly demonstrated on proper and various input sources.

Then trade off one retailer against another and ensure a 3-5 year warranty is thrown in with the price
Thanks for your help. Posts like yours annoy me so we have something in common.

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