Help me buy a new sound system for my home cinema - Jamo perhaps?

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    I've longed to upgrade my sony davs-300 system which was never ideal for a long time now, but my ambitions and my wallet have never agreed on what to get. The problem is that I need to get speakers, amplifier and a dvd player all at once which can be a hefty sum if I let my fancy decide. This time, I'll get separates to facilitate a more gradual upgrading!

    A few facts: My projector is a ptae-100 which I may upgrade to a ptae900 before too long. It'll be placed in a 20-22m2 room with several bookshelves. I'm not a real audiofile - I never could hear any of the pal clicking which drives some people to distraction, and I'll probably need some help tweaking everything once I get it. What I do know I need is crisp, clear dialogue, reasonable music playback and full sounding effects from action films.

    I've looked at a set consisting of Jamo components: AVR-693, DVD-593 and A325PDD which can be had at the reasonable (husband-friendly) price of £650+transport here in Denmark. I've been able to find this glowing review of the dvd and what I assume to be the next generation of the amplifier (AVR-793, with 7.1 instead of 6.1), but I can't find anything on the speakers. If anyone has experience with these components, I'd love to hear it - but even if you don't, maybe you can tell me from your greater insight into the technicalities of sound systems whether there's some obvious problems or short comings with this system that I'm unaware of - any features I'll miss? Anything I should consider before getting it? I'd actually set my heart on getting 'real' speakers this time round, but of course the satelites have improved a lot since davs-300, so I guess this could be alright.

    Thanks for any help in advance :smashin:

    (sorry if this is in the wrong place - I wasn't sure where to put it, so do move it to a more proper location if needed)

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