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I am currently looking to build a home cinema in my bedroom; however I am working with a student shoe string budget. I have about a £1000-£1500 to work with.

My budget will depend much on if I go 480p or 720p. I have never actually see 720p HD or not that I know of, so I will be visiting a couple of dealers to check it out to help me decide what route to go down.

The main problem I have deciding what to get is the A/V receiver

The following equipment is what I m currently considering:

Projector: (Benq W100, Infocus In72, Optoma HD70)

A/V Receiver:
(Sony HT-DDW880, Sony STR-DG700 Sony STRDA1200ES, Pioneer VSX-1016V-S)

DVD Player: Samsung DVDHD950 (depending on getting Optoma HD70

Console: Nintendo Wii, Not considering, this a certainty when I find it in stock!
PS3 maybe, will wait and see when its released, is over priced tho, plus I have a decent PC anyway.

Speakers: Have not even started to look there, any suggestion would be great!

Screen: Ikea Blackout blinds, need some blinds for my room so thought I will kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

What I currently have:

Thomson DHD4000

PC: ATI All-in-Wonder 9800 Pro (Currently DVI and S-video output, will be playing a couple of games; Pro Evo, GTA, Call of Duty via the projector. However will be getting a HDMI card when available and affordable)

Zalman 5.1 surround sound, for PC tho, not sure if they will work with an A/V receiver

Have a huge box of cables, loads of component, s-video, composite, no HDMI tho.

I am after an A/V receiver, I have never owned one before therefore I m not to sure what to look for, am looking to spend upto £350 if I have to…

My ideal setup would be to be able put multiple inputs; HDMI, component, s-video, composite etc.. And output them through 1 HDMI cable; however I am sure I have read somewhere you would need to spend at least £700 on a receiver to do that.
If I can’t do that for £350 is a there a receiver that would allow me to output s-video composite through component, as well as having the addition of future proofing myself with HDMI inputs, do the following receivers above do that.

What is a HDMI switcher? it does not seem to be on the Sony STR-DG700? Do I need one with what I am planning? An example would be nice :) 


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