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Help me build a Surround Set-up


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i have an HTPC (with creative audigy 2 ZS soundcard) and that is where i get DVD and TV from, and also listen to a bit of music, mainly MP3s. (also will get a Wii eventually and possibly a xbox 360)

it is my only source, video will be running to plasma direct via VGA.

would i be best off using one of these to rn audio to the amp:


or would using the digital out be a better option (im pretty sure that is optical TOSlink cable area)

i read about using SPDIF, is this just using the digital out and telling the PC to use the SPDIF output (which i beleive to be the same as passthrough??so it goes untouched from DVD (or other source) straight to the amp.

right,so i went to my local av stores today, sevenoaks sound and vision, and audio T in epsom. they had differring ideas for me to think about.

i was thinking a denon 1507...then maybe some KEF eggs or that aego T package?sound good?

SSAV had a receiver with a DAB tuner which i thought was cool. not worth the extra cash i dont think.whats the best budget amp with DAB? (its a feature id like but dont want to pay an extra £200 for)

HDMI is not necessary,i have no HDMI gear and am not planning any soon,and if i did it could just run straight to the plasma.i would however like it to take all the composite/s-video/component inputs and throw them all out the component output if thats is possible?

best stop with the questions now,so help help if you can


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SPDIF: just as you say. I use a £10 7.1 Asonic card from ebuyer connected to my AV amp using an optical lead.

What's the rest of your question? What amp and speakers?

Music and dvd, or just DVD? Floorstanders or sub/ sat?

What's your budget?


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well,i listen to lot of music through my PC, but i watch tv and movies aswel (and the movies are DVDs and AVI type rips).

im not an audiophile and im not overly anal about my audio set-up (more anal about the video)...just looking for an improvement over my existing creative p580 PC speaker set,which although fine is just not powerful enough...and i have no way to run the audio of my (yet to arrive) Wii and possibly xbox360.

im currently thinking a denon 1507 and kef kht1005...i want smaller form factor speakers as the room is not overfilled with space (i know id get better sound from larger speakers but i dont want huge speakers taking over the room).

budget is around 700, but i could push to 1000 if i thought it was worth it.


is there a huge difference between 1005 and 1005.2 ?


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Other small speakers inc. Monitor Audio Radius, MS Genie and the Cantons in the power buy; I've not heard the Kefs. There are plenty of older posts on a similar vein (sometimes here, sometimes in the speaker section)- see if any suggestions sound promising. Or someone else may post here...

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