Help me before I cry


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ok, I need help bad :s

I bought a Yamada 6600 DVD Player and followed that up by an amplifier from richer sounds.

The problem I am having is this : I bought an eltax amp, but when I got home, found that the control for the amp will also control certain functions for the dvd player.

Its really irritating to turn up the volume and find the dvd doing a fast forward through the movie.

Fine I thought, take the amp back and try another one, Still within my 14days return with richer sounds.

Then bought a Teac AG5D amp (*could be wrong about the no)

lovely amp, same problem again, except different functions occur, e.g. pressing a button on the amp remote, turns off the dvd player.

Does anyone have the same problem or possibly a solution, I am going to take the amp back to richer sounds on Thursday, I will be taking my dvd player with me to try and test some other amps. I really hate to mess those guys around :(

Please help me :rolleyes:



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Some amplifiers have a secondary set of IR settings to combat this situation - I'm not certain about your particular model (someone else maybe able to comment) but it may be worth having a flick through the instructions to double check. Is there anything in the amp settings to indicate that this might be present(IR Mode/IR Set etc.)?

Failing that, the only thing I would suggest is what you intend to do - take the DVD player along with you and make sure you find something that doesn't interfere...

Good Luck :)



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Huggster, did you ever resolve this?

I've just bought a Yamada 6600 and having exactly the same problem with my Pioneer amp (VSX D512).

I've had the Pioneer amp for a while now so not anything wrong with that and can't really take it back but whenever I try to alter the volume on the amp remote the Yamada returns back to the main menu!

Any help would be really appreciated :)


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I did solve it, but not in a way that will help you I am afraid :(

I took the dvd player and the amp to richer sounds, and tried the sony amp that was on offer, it worked so I bought it.

Havent looked back since, it was suggested that some amps have a dual channel switch, might be worth looking into

sorry I couldn't help.



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