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Hey all. I'm new here and really could do with some guidance. Basically, I'm 36 and used to train when I was in my 20s. I got relatively fit and strong but I kinda fell off the wagon and never really stuck with it. I've regretted it ever since.

I've done some research on IF and feel this is the route I want to take. I currently weigh in at around 185Ibs and would like ideally to get to the 163-165 mark.

Seeing my belly lately and the fact I never fully managed to peak in my 20s and get that dream set of abs/pecs has made me more determined than ever. I've also all my life suffered with mild depression and feel the need more than ever to get back on the wagon in the hope I can not only look better but lock that depression behind a door and throw away the key.

Thing is and I know this sounds so cliche but don't know where to start in terms of training & diet and how to implement a routine.

I want to go the 16/8 route and train in the morning as I believe there are certain benefits to working out in a 'fasted' state.

I work from 8 till 4 Mon to Fri and if it means hauling my ass out of bed earlier so I can train from 6am until 7 so be it. The trouble is my gym opens at 6am and I gotta be in work bang on 8, no exceptions. You might say that is plenty of time but I normally leave home just after 7 to allow for traffic on my commute. My gym is a 20 min drive from my home in itself.

This is where I considered doing HIIT at home or go running instead. But again, I really don't know what HIIT I should be doing and how to go about it.

I hear to lose fat, HIIT is really good but there has to be some time dedicated to strength training so you don't lose too much muscle. Do I have that correct?

Ideally, I want to train Mon, Wed & Fri and perhaps go swimming alternate days of a weekend.

If the gym is out of the equation before work is the better option:

A - do a home workout/routine
B - go gym after work and adjust the IF to suit

If it helps my TDEE is 2,111 and I am thinking I need to have a defecit goal of around 1,611. Another reason I opted for an IF regime is because for as long as I remember eating breakfast especially if early, wreaks havoc on my tummy. So a 12-8 window would suit me as my tummy settles around lunchtime.

Any advice on the above and of course nutrition tips would be greatly appreciated.


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Figure out what you like to do. If you choose something you don't actually like, you are unlikely to stick with it.
And forget HIIT.
If HIIT is done properly then you should be done, fogged and exhausted in 5-10 minutes.
It is literally pushing yourself to your max, repeatedly. It's very very hard to do properly, very easy to injure yourself and very easy to talk your way out of doing it when you don't fancy it.


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fitting exercise in around strict work hours will be hard work but you can get into a rhythm hopefully
you'll basically have to work out before or after work. early in the morning when you really can't be a***d or straight after work when you just want to get home and eat :p
traditionally i always did my exercise after work, as soon as i finished.
then saturday was/is a main day for exercise, in the morning straight after breakfast
if you can aim for 3 days a week inc. a weekend day it's usually enough
i sometimes also do a 45-60min workout in the house (in the bedroom trying not to hit furniture) calisthenics for the most part and just a small set of dumbbell's for a few arm curls.


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Start with Joe Wicks for ideas of HITT, 15 - 20 mins and your done. If Joe not your cuppa tea, the internet is full of people doing the same (some free, some not). Add some dumbells and kettlebells

I work out in the morning, have done for years now. It can be tricky when the alarm sounds at 5.30am...but, the mental boost you get once done is worth it. 👍

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