Help me AVForum - you are my only hope - Film title query: 90s film drama set in a post-cold-war mental-health hospital.


Looking for help to find a really obscure film (apparently)... and am looking for an active film forum community that knows its stuff! Have been looking for YEARS.

It was the 90s and being in the UK Channel 4 would show these great late-night movies. One movie I loved but cannot find anywhere.... I swear it was called 'the little village' but google does not bear this out... I am also unsure if a Film4 title, as googling / imdb'ing both are dead-ends.

So synopsis:-

A soviet(?) country is about to collapse and the old-guard disappear. The story focusses on a mental-health asylum, where two groups (men and women) are kept separately. The main character is a young man remembering his life before incarceration. He has flashbacks to his childhood, and one scene he remembers being splashed in the face by his older sister's milk as she is nursing her baby. Meanwhile as the old soviet guard leaves, a british traveller / reporter appears to give an update of the ongoing poliitical situation (reminded me of Timothy West / Tim Piggot -Smith, a recognisable UK actor - but this film is not on their respective imdb lists).

As the asylum security disperses, the man continues his flirting with a woman in the other camp, the other side of security fences. I think they have a happy ending as the asylum finally breaks down...

It's a sort of made-for-TV 'zed-and-two-noughts'. So... did I imagine all of this? Can anyone help? cheers

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