Help me! 1st home cinema system

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I am looking for help from knowledgeable people!

I am looking to build a home cinema system from scratch probably based around a 42inch plasma or LCD (not sure which is best). Clearly it needs to be HD but I also want the whole system to be as future proofed as possible.

Room size is 12' by 12'. budget for TV, speakers, amps etc will be around £5k.

Has anyone good any good advice on where to start???



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You've already found the best place to start and that's these forums.

With that sort of budget, you should be able to get a top set up.:smashin:

First thing is if you can, demo, demo ,demo. Find some local dealers and go take a look. Personally I think plasma offers a much more pleasing viewing experience, others would disagree and vouch for LCD. It's all down to personal preference and everyone's different so go and take a look.

Lurk the forums and read up on all the info possible with regards to connection options, what gear is available, different brands.

When you start to get an idea of exactly what you want from your system you can start narrowing the choice down. The chase is almost as much fun as getting the gear so enjoy it and get researching.:smashin:

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