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Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows' started by gaz2005, Jan 2, 2007.

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    Ok , please please can someone help me, i have read lots of posts on how to get a DVB-S card working with MCE 2005. Im getting a new pc this week and Im going to buy a DVB-S card, been looking at the Hauppauge NOVA-S Plus.

    How do i get this working with MCE2005. I have looked at posted, some have mentioned .reg files and editing satellite frequencies etc.. Can someone do me a step by step dummy guide on what I have to do once I have installed this into my machine. How do I configure it so I can watch the free channels once I connect my sky digital dish. Please show me where I can get the files from, I have checked out the german Hauppauge site, I dont understand german so I dont know what Im suppose to do.

    If anyone knows it would really help me and Im sure some others who want some sort of MCE DVB-S intergration, or perhaps you can recommend another way I can. Any help please..


    My new pc looks like it comes with a vista upgrade to premium but I will cross that bridge once I get it working with MCE2005


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