Help manually configuring 7.1 speakers on Sony STR-DH790


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I have a Sony STR-DH790 and have tried configuring all the speakers using easy setup but.. it hasn't done a very good job as sound is quite off to one side.
So im trying to manually tweak it myself problem, there doesn't seem to be a way of testing the sound from each of the speakers from the setup options.

I tried using this 7.1 surround on YouTube but its not working out..

If I select Soundfields AFD or direct - sound is spererated but my surround and rear surrounds come out the front.
If I Select Mutichannel stereo basically sounds come out all the channels
Select dolby surround and sound comes out fronts only,

Im presuming there's is an issue with the video im using... Te speakers must be setup correctly as it goes through all the speakers one by one when its doing easy setup.
Its just all the distances are off an sounds lopsided from where I put the mic
With my previous amp I used a you tube video and it was fine but I can't find the one I used to use anymore.

Apart from buying a dedicated sounds calibrating device is there anything out there on the web or app wise to help calibrate the levels?



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YouTube doesn't fascilitate nultichannel audio and all the videos on YouTube claiming to include such audio will not include anything more than 2 channel stereo audio. It wouldn't therefore make any sense to use anything you source from TouTube to calibrate a multichannel setup. If you have used a YouTube video to orchestrate such a calibration in the past then the calibration will have been incorrect. The only way you could have possible gotten audio via any of the speakers apart from the front left and right is if applying some form of upmixing to the stereo audio you were accessing via YouTube.

There is a test tone you can access onboard the AV receiver (T. TONE” in the “<LEVEL>” menu).
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Ok that explains why all the video didn't seem to work when I tried them ...nad the multichannel setting was probably up mixing - will try that the T.TONE that's what im after, found in the manual was well hidden away under 'tip'. thanks!

rich tee

When I used the easy set up tool, my centre speaker was way off, it set it up as a minus figure and I couldn't hear any speech.

I just manually adjust from the home screen.

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