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Hi, ive changed my windows 7 password (home edition)and for the life of me i cant remember what ive changed it too. I have tried everything i can imagine but no way can i access my laptop.
I have no bootable usb disk, to reset the laptop (packard bell) i need to be logged in and do it from the start menu.
I have booted in safe mode but the admin account doesnt come up, only my main account which is the account i havent got the password for.
Is my only option to purchase and reinstall windows 7?
Any help would be much appreciated


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You won't need to purchase windows if you already have it installed. If you don't care about the data on the account then get hold of a disc and reinstall. If you want the data you could put the HDD in another machine.

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How about entering a new user name and just no password. Sometimes you can bypass the login by just creating a new account. Once in you may be able to recover the account that you once had.


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You could also try Hiren's. If you create yourself a hirens boot CD (if you can access another machine) and then boot into that when you start up the machine.

It has a few different apps that can change or remove logon passwords. i've used Hiren's 10.2 and that worked fine when i had to do the same thing on a friends laptop.


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You could always go into safe mode and revert back to a safe point, can't remember what its called but you can kinda get the jist of what I'm saying

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I have a tool at home that would help you but I can't remember the name at the moment. I will check this evening.

Anyway, you boot in to this tool (via either a burnt CD or a USB drive) and it will allow you to remove, reset/change your Windows password.

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