[HELP]: Looking for a new washing machine and a separate dryer


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So as the title says I am looking for a new washing machine and a separate dryer. I have been reading many review/forums and to be honest I am now confused more which machine would be the best for us. Our family consists of two toddlers therefore we are washing our clothes daily and a lot.
Features: Looking for a decent load capacity (bed sheet, blankets, large towels...you name it!). We are located in Europe, so delivery and services should be here. I would love if the water and electricity consumption would be kept as low as possible (A+?). As for electronics it doesn't really matter if its knob or LCD screen. I won't need 100000 washing cycles also. In my mind a washing machine that does automatic laundry weighting and an automatic detergent filling is a plus. If anything brakes down a spare parts and services should be readily available and they should not cost more than machine itself. Budget would be around 1000 euros (if performance and quality build is great I would go for 1500 euros). And for last it would be great if they last around 10 years since I hate going through this again any time soon.

Feel free to add some other features I forgot to mention or I am not aware of. Also I would love to hear something other than Miele. Perhaps some decent performance/ money comparison would be in place.



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The step below Miele tends to be the Bosch Group of brands.

Samsung probably should be on the list but my experience of their white goods has been good design, features and price but poor quality... our freezer was replaced twice within three years and rejected it when they suggested a 3rd replacement after another fault.


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Miele separates . Had Miele washing machine for 22 years before replacing it with Miele twin dos model came with one year supply of liquids which lasted me 2 years .This cost £850 on a deal .Find the automatic dispensing brilliant ,with no mess or fuss.
Had Miele dryer for 21 years before placing it with Miele dryer . Could have had a new drying element fitted but cost was nearly £300 and new dryer was £650 Both new units had for four years now and both whisper quiet . Yes you pay more but not having to shop for white goods every four or five years a real bonus .
They do not look the fanciest ,the new dryer looks almost the same as the old one .I did have the old dryer serviced once by authorised Miele engineer fixed cost around £100 plus any parts it required (It needed no new parts ). He literally took it completely apart and removed all panels and thoroughly cleaned from the inside out . All within the hour .
I do not understand your comment not wanting to hear about Miele ,any reason . I honestly cannot say enough good things about their products .

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You want machine that will be used daily ( some days more than once or twice... ) and will last 10 years + , is build to a high quality standard and have parts available if needed - pretty much only make I can think of is the one you do not want to hear about. You can try V-zug but would need to triple the budget . You can try Bosch ( Siemens ) , some ( especially Siemens ) are good AND long lasting , whether they last 10 years of daily use is hard to say though.
Washing machine manufacturers base predictions on " average use " that is about 3 times less frequent that what your demand is going to be - you can find decent domestic machines that are tested up to 5000 cycles ( those will cost close to Miele... ) , Miele is one of only 2 domestic machine manufacturers that test and specify their machines to 10 00 + cycles and actually reveal their testing methodology and details - others if at all only talk about extended warranty. Family with 2 toddlers will inevitably means heavy to very heavy use in washing machine manufacturers speak as you can easily go through 15 + washes per week( multiply that by 52 weeks and then by number of years you want your machine to last - then bear in mind that most low to mid priced machines are build to last up to 3000 , at a stretch 5000 wash cycles... )
Having said that - Miele have that reputation for reason - they are quiet, wash really well, generally last well over 10 years and not cheap either but they customer care is quite good too ( if you ever need it )
If ( for whatever reason, entirely up to you ) you are adamant that no Miele will cross your threshold - try Siemens, AEG, or some Korean ( LG, Samsung ) machine. Knobs are better than LCD as there's less to go wrong. Go for machine with enough capacity and programs you need NOT for the cheapest one with the most programs, features and the highest spin - every manufacturer has pretty much the same drum, motor and basic moving parts the same in every machine they produce, all that added value feature is unnecessary crap that justify higher price and causes reliability issues.

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I would suggest LG, Bosch/Neff/Siemens are the same company and are also good, Miel as always but are expensive, avoid Samsung washing machines, terrible and barely make it through the warranty period!

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