help looking for a dvd player for a christmas present



Does anyone have anyideas for a dvd player i can buy my girlfriend for a present. I was looking for a decent one with a multi-region hack if possible and not overly expensive.

not sure what to look for or where to look but heard the Logix one was crap as it is quite 'blocky'.
Any help would be appreciated.



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I was highly delighted with my 'best buy' quality entry-level mult-region Toshiba SD200E from Richer Sounds.

I paid £135. It may be cheaper now.


ps As it happens I have recently 'traded-up' (for a Tosh 510 with progressive scan to go with my prog scan Tosh TV) but would have been happy to stick with the excellent picture & sound quality from the SD220. In fact, in blind tests I could not detect a difference in sound quality from that of my 10 year old CD player.


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you could probably find the 220 for that price now... very good player as Ditton says.

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