Help! looking for a cable for DVD Component to PJ VGA


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I'm looking for a cable to connect my PS DVD player to a projector I'm borrowing. I'd like to take advantage of PS but need a component to VGA cable. The VGA connector on the PJ is labled VGA/Component.

Can anyone advise on where I could purchase such a thing and what do I do about V&H sync.

Many thanks :smashin:

Joe Fernand

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Have you confirmed the Projector takes YUV (YPbPr) via the HD15 input?

If so then its pretty straightforward supplying a 3RCA to HD15 cable - once you re set the projectors menu to accept YUV on the VGA input the H&V pins are not relevant.

As most multi core video cables are 5 core you may want to order a 5RCA (or BNC) to HD15 cable - which you can then use for YUV or RGBHV; the YUV connections are wired to the same pins as RGB so the two are interchangeable.

For once it looks like we may even be able to fulfil a 'local' order - drop me a note with your required cable length and I can give you a quote.

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Imagine the cable you require is going to be [SBB404],
I'm not sure why I didn't look there before posting but that's what I'm looking for. Cheers.


I've still to confirm the functions and input capabilities of the PJ, hopefully I can select YUV on VGA. If I can't I'll either use S-Video from the DVD player or use my Laptop.

Where's your shop Joe?

Thanks for the help guys :smashin:


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