Help! LG 65" OLED C8 Flashes lines, emits loud squealing sound then shuts off repeatedly


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Hi all!

This TV was purchased new in December 2018 and this issue started sporadically a few weeks ago. It has been getting worse and is just about at the point where the TV is unusable. The squealing varies in volume and sometimes it is loud enough to cause a heart attack.

I have tried different HDMI ports, updating HDMI cables to 2.1 and just had the issue while using the built-in Netflix app, so I'm ruling out HDMI as being the culprit.

I have tried a hard reset and restoring the factory setting (suggested by LG's tech support) and the issue persists and continues to get worse.

The local LG-certified repair person said that it sounds like a bad panel since it works at times - sometimes long enough to watch a whole tv show without issue. They also said that replacement panels sometimes cost more than what customers paid for the tv! I am hoping that it's just something way less expensive, like the motherboard. But I hear that if it was the motherboard, I would have no picture at all.

I'm currently running the pixel refresher out of desperation.

In any case, I'd greatly appreciate any insight or suggestions for me to try out before calling the repair person over. I'm expecting a new family member in the next week or so...impeccable timing for this issue to arise!

Thanks for reading!

Here's a video of the issue:

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