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Hello AVF,

I started assembling my new screen (purchased on here) yesterday but it's turned into a nightmare. I'm hoping folks can impart their advice, please.

Screen is a Screen Excellence 4K Enlightor 16:9 90" wide/ 103.3" diagonal. I thought it would be as easy if not easier to assembled than my cheap Duronic 120" 16:9 screen, but that hasn't been the case: all of the L brackets were stuck at first - absolute nightmare. Thought that was it. But a healthy dose of WD40 at the crevices and and inside the holes of the frame and on the brackets got them back out. Oxidisation must have caused them to get stuck/ not go in smoothly, I assume.

Brackets are in the correct way, solid face-side facing up. I followed the manuals instructions and a Screen Excellence assembly video for another of their screens.

The main issue now is that all but a 4 x of the holes for brackets and frame align, no matter how I try to tap or push the brackets/ parts of the frame in. And I have tried every combination I believe, of bracket and frame part, swapping each around, top and bottom, left and right.

I am baffled because there are washer marks around ever screw hole of the frame, which means they were all previously in place and flush with the frame, meaning all holes were previously aligned with the previous owner. The package was packed extremely well and with care for transit, too, so nothing could have gotten bent in transit. The steel constriction of the brackets and frame is also extremely strong and thick and heavy all around.

There is definitely a mis-match between frame and brackets, though, as a few brackets did not go all the way in, in to certain slots of the frame, without excessive force. So it is likely that some parts of the frame/ slots are different sizes.

Sadly and to my upset, before trying the WD40, I lifted the frame at all sides at a time and wiggled with gentle pushes to try to get the brackets in. I realised afterwards that one corner of the frames velvet was removed down to the bare black metal frame. Fortunately it is a small area and I can patch it up with some black flock or similar.

The 4 screws missing are 2 from opposing ends of the long frame bar, so the L brackets at that end of the screen are only be screwed in in the vertical frame bar. Would that be stable enough with the white and black material tensioned between the frame? I really hope so. The mis-alignment is a lot, so I forwent chiselling the holes wider to be safe. I think I would have needed compressed air or something to safely blow out metal dust and didn't like the idea of that being inside.

Even assembled as it is now, it was very tricky to get many of the screws in, half or so didn't go in as smooth, as they should. But I don't think any are bent at least.

Has anyone encountered the same issue in the past? And does anyone have any other suggestions? After anticipating the screen and fun of assembling it for so long now, and all my energy is spent and my body is aching. From feeling completely defeated and depressed about it last night, I feel a bit better today, but still really gutted about the whole experience and the fact that I was unable to assemble the frame properly.

I'm going to measure the frame now to check if it is perfectly square or not.

Thanks for reading and your time,

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I just checked by lifting either vertical end of the screen and wiggling to check stability and the side with missing screws wobbles. Doesn't feel or look safe to continue. I'll speak to the seller to try to see if the supplier can help. Perhaps replacement brackets can be provided or made with the correct hole spacing.


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I managed to get all the screws in, but only just.

1. Slid into vertical then horizontal bars separately, checking the holes aligned. They did. This told me something with the frame itself was askew/ slightly bent.

2. Slid bracket into vertical piece first - if I remember correctly - and screwed slightly down. This would then allow wiggle room to bend things into place, hopefully.

3. I forget at this stage exactly, but I tried the above, but didn't work 100%, so loosened 2 screws from horizontal bar to allow more wiggle room. That worked.

4. Used my Allen key to shimmy the horizontal part of bracket/ frame/ holes - so since the vertical side was secured already, I was technically forcing the frame mainly. This helped just enough to screw the remaining horizontal bar screws into place, but again, it was extremely tough and finicky doing so.

5. I remember having to go back to the other opposite side to undo and redo, too. But that side was more aligned and easier to work with, I think. That said, again, that side has approx. 1mm gap on the inside. It was previously on the opposite side but is not on the other.

Hopefully the screen is square. Will have to get a hand to measure that.

I reckon parts of the frame maybe got a bit bent at some point in its life, or it was this difficult to assemble from new, too. A kind gentleman on here helping me said because the horizontal bar is so long, it's easy to happen. I did find it odd that it was not in 2 pieces. I think it's a design flaw and hazard by Screen Excellence.

Will stretch the fabric across soon.

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