Help KDL40D3500 Scart problem, banding interference and occasional green tinge!!!!


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When I watch a DVD through the Sony KDL40D3500 LCD TV I get sweeping interference from left to right, I can sometimes see a shadow of a television signal, and I also get an occasional green tinge shadow now and again. The strange thing is, when I have the DVD HD on tv signal I can not see any interference at all???

Set up
I have a Scart lead connecting from the TV into a DVD HD recorder, and an optical lead from the DVD HD to an amplifier. It makes no difference if I connect the DVD HD into scart port 1 or 2.
(I have no sky box, or digi box, and have moved the wireless modem router to across the room).
(I have also changed scart leads too which made no difference either).

I bought a KDL40D3500 in April 2008 and have had slight problems with it for ages. Sony told me the problem was my DVD player, so when I could I got a new one, the problem however still persists. I have already spent £45 trying to repair a DVD player, and now, as TV out of warranty they want me to spend more money sorting out a problem that has probably been there from day one!!

Can anyone help me with this, as I am very annoyed at Sony's flippant attitude, and certainly will never buy their products again, or recommend them.

Many thanks to anyone who tries.
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