Help - JVC Zero 4 speaker demise!


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Hi all. I know nothing about hifi, I just listen. I bought a pair of JVC Zero 4 speakers around 1977. They were carefully selected after listening to about 50 others in the acoustic room of a major department store and cost me two months wages. I don't know if my ears have just become attuned to them, but they have had to be substituted for the ones that come with every sound system I've had over the past forty years - nothing else sounded nearly as good. Anyway, of late, the base cones have started to crackle alarmingly and I can no longer listen to music, except on a tranny in the kitchen. Does anyone know if I can get the base cones rebuilt (as they were) and, if so, where?


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Did you mean to use the word tranny or was that some sort of auto correction?


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Assuming you mean transistor radio in the kitchen...

One thing for sure, you won't find many modern speakers that sound like those. They were the epitome of the 70s waffle box, warm powerful bass, a little lacking in real extension and some strange things going on in the mid and hf around the crossover region that could make them sound incredibly different from 1 track to the next!

When you say crackling from the bass, do you mean the voice coil is rubbing on the magnet? That's generally due to delamination of the voice coil and failure of the suspension. It would need a full recone to fix and I am not aware of any company that offers that, only new foam surrounds.

For my money, I would try and find a similar driver that will physically fit in the cabinet and that has the same impedance. It won't sound the same as it did 40 years ago, but the speakers will have aged and changed tonally in any case. Cpc, Wilmslow audio and others supply a wide range of drivers, so it will be a case of trawling the Internet to find what you are looking for.

Other options would be simply to find another pair, but they are likely to be in a similar condition.

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