Help Joe Fernand- How to get Dual scan on 5 series 42" Panny?

You read my mind as I was thinking of asking the same question... I just spent a night in a hotel which had Series 4 Panasonics all over the reception area.

I spent a little time watching them and couldn't detect ANY kind of flicker that I get at home on my Series 5

If there was ANYTHING I could do it improve the situation, I would as the flicker sometimes drives me nuts.

After I have watched the Plamsa for a while I stop noticing it.. But after looking at my PC monitor (running at around 100hz) and then going back to the Plamsa, it seems really bad.

I am really hoping that there is an option to change the Series 5 into 'dual scan' as Joe mentioned.. My fingers are crossed that he knows something.


This is really a shame because the screen is tremendous otherwise.

I'm contemplating getting the H3D card so that it can input the signal and ouput at 100 Hz through the PC input but idon't know if this is possible.

I will have to act soon as i got a really good price and free 5 year guarantee from them who's never knowingly undersold.


Joe Fernand

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Hello both

I am awaiting a disc and info on the single/dual scan switching - its not as simple as was first made out and requires a full software update!

I'm not sure as yet if the info will be something I can distribute - I have to find out about the warranty situation first.

Best regards

Thanks Joe, please keep us informed.

If there is a "software update" and it includes the functionality improve the situation with flicker, I would like to think that this could covered by a 'service call' anyway.

At the end of the day, if Panasonic have changed the software, they must have done it for a reason.

It would be lovely to think that there will be an option in the menu to 'enable/disable single/duel scan', like DRC on a Sony TV.

Then you could chop and change as you like.

My fingers are crossed.. I love the picture, but I sometimes feel 'weary' after watching it for a while.

Thanks again for the info


Ditto, Joe.

Keep us informed as this is quite important to alot of us out here in super Panny land as this will be the icing on the cake to an already fantastic screen.

Watching region 1 LOTR EE tonight. :D

Many thanks.

I decide to drop Toshiba a line to log my problem as a 'fault'.

I have asked whether they are aware of the 'flicker' and whether they are doing anything about it.

I do have serious concerns about 'eye strain'.. Perhaps I am more sensitive to flicker than others, but I am finding that after several hours viewing, my eyes feel strained. Who knows what long term damage could be caused by many years viewing like this.

I am not so unhappy that I regret my purchace, but if ANYTHING about be done, even if just to reduce the effect, I would be happy.

Howeverr, after my recent encounters with the Series 4 screens, I do wish that I had gone for the older model instead.

Joe.. if you end up delivering any soluition to this, you will be seen as god in my (somewhat strained) eyes.

All the best


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I'll be lodging my dissatisfaction with Panasonic tomorrow. They have seriously screwed up the PW5 as far as flicker is concerned.

I'll be interested to see if they deny that it is a problem.

Like Jon I'll live with it but I do wonder if the PW4 would have been a better bet !

Can you provide details on who to contact at panasonic.

I remember this Flicker/Dual scan thread a while ago
just makes me glad I got the Version 4 Panny -- No flicker what so ever

in fact had it about 3 months and it still gives me the WOW factor.

Watched LOTR EE and absolutely incredible! No flicker was evident, i think its only evident when viewing white scenes on terrestrial TV like news programmes.
The level of detail in the blacks was astounding, must be down to the 1024 shades of grey which to be honest just was not there on the 4 series demo i got at JL a while back - is the 4 series 256 shades only?

The level of detail in the blacks was astounding, must be down to the 1024 shades of grey which to be honest just was not there on the 4 series demo

Yep you could well be right about the shades of gray, but when I was in Empire direct recently I saw the side by side comparison

and to be honest the only noticable difference my eyes was the scanning flickering of the 5 model, plus the various threads that the internals are better on the 4 model, was what swung it for me

I think you get 2048 via dvi on the series 5. Now if panasonic can get there finger out and release a dvi card that can support the full rez of the panel the picture would be something else.

I agree about the 256/1024 shades issue.. Before I bought my Series 5, I only managed to see a few Series 4s in the flash.

My biggest concern was what I described as 'patches of shimmering' when there were gentle shades.

A particular demo I saw of JP3 almost put me off getting one.. The entire background of one of the dark sequences I watched had this effect.

Once I noticed it, I couldn't not notice it no matter what I was watching.

In the end, I chose the Series 5 because of its 10bit colour depth.

Whilst the Series 5 has the same phenominon, it happen much less than the Series 4.

Instead of this, it seems that we have inherited this flicker, but as you say, you can watch an entire film and not see it once.. Its just VERY bright white which shows it most.

I still firmly belive that the flicker is caused by the process which generates the extra colour depth.. Almost like it overlays two colours very quicky to generate one colour. Of course, this is just my opinion and should not be taken as fact.

If my theory was is right, wouldly it be nice if the new software Joe talked about gave an option for "8bit-no flicker" or "10bit-flicker' modes. Dream on!!!


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It may be a silly question, but has anyone tried the "clock phase adjustment" on the Panny 5. It's in the manual underneath the screen size adjustment bit. It say this will eliminate "flicker"


Thats a very good point..

When I first got my Plasma, I read about this feature in the instructions and when it said that it would 'reduce flicker' I was obviously excited.

However, I did have a little play at the time and couldn't see any difference between the extreme ends of the settings.

I didn't do any further tests as I was only using 'temporary connections'.

Now that I (finally) have by JS box installed, I will give it another go and see if it makes ANY difference.


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In the nicest way possible. I hope it doesn't fix your problem as I don't have that option, I presume because I have the tuner terminal board installed.

Where exactly in the menus do you find the "Clock phase adjustment" ? I just don't recall seeing it on the menus or refered to in my manual(s).

I've yet to whinge to Panasonic, so I'll see how you get on with this setting first.

I'm also going to raise the issue of aspect, which does not seem to get calculated properly with the tuner. No just mode by the way. In auto it always seems to opt for Zoom1 ! Losing the top, bottom and sides in the process. I noticed someone else refer to this problem on a news group. Not relevant to this thread I know, but I'm hoping further evidence of some rushed and botched software/firmware which will magically be resolved by an update Panasonic have just released, along with a fix for the flicker ... Well I can dream can't I ? :)



The clock phase adjustment is only available when using either an RGB input signal or the PC input. It's not available otherwise.


PS. I see absolutely no flicker on my Pw5 whatsoever, I had two friends over this evening who are future plamsa buyers and one of the first things they asked me when they saw it after following this thread was "Where's the flicker it looks fine to me" I know this doesn't really help any but I had to mention it :)


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I'm still wondering if the flicker different people are seeing are caused by different things. In my case I can't help wondering if its something to do with the Tuner.

Jon, I presume that whatever you are using to convert your various sources to VGA, the refresh rate can be changed ? Or does the PW5 limit you to a fixed rate ? If not, does flicker vary with the refresh rate ?
In my case its not the tuner as I don't have it.

I only connect via RGB but have done so via a variety of methods.

For me, I just see a constant flicker when there are bright things on the screen.

Its especially noticable out of the corner of your eye, or when you have been watching a device with a high refresh rate (i.e PC monitor)


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Sorry Jon for some reason I thought you were using VGA.

Have you tried the Clock Phase Adjustment yet ?
I have had my Plasma connected via a SyncBlaster (VGA) a RGB+HV cable (RGB) and JS Box (VGA).

But in all cases, its still 'RGB' and the flicker is the same.

I do think that the problem is not as bad as I am making out.

I have had 2 friends over who cannot see the flicker, no matter what... Even out of the corner of their eye, they can't see it.

I am sure that I am more sensitive to flicker than most, but then again, as I said before, I can't see the same flicker on the series 4s that I have seen.
Oh yes.. Phase adjustment.. I have tried it from extreme left to right and I can't see ANY difference at all..

Don't really know what its for!


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Have Panasonic made any statement about the flicker, are they even aware of it? And also the buzzing? And are they planning on releasing a DVI card that supports the full resolution of the panel?

Has anyone got a HD panasonic.. have heard things about fan noise or buzzing?

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