help!!!! its driving me mad


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hi all,

hope you're all well, thanks in advance.....

just bought a pan plasma 50' we have out virgin box hooked up to it but wen in scart mode i get horizontal white line running up the screen, can anyone help, ive bought new scart leads for it but it doesnt seem to be making a difference to it at all, its fine in hdmi, which i thought it would be. its driving me potty!

another thing is it come with all the veira link and what not, ill never understand how to use it though! any who when i plug the airiel in to the back i cant seem to find any dvb stations what so ever! aAAHH


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Do you mean the horizontal line travels up the screen or do you in fact mean a Vertical line?

Viera Link is simply Panasonic name for HDMI CEC control, in other words if you connect say a blu ray player or AV Receiver which has HDMI CEC control they can talk to each other, example; I turn on my Blu ray & it then turns on my Amp. & TV & selects the correct HDMI input, you can also control the TV via either the Amp. or Blu ray remote & vice versa.

If you are not getting any Digital channels with your aerial connected this is not a TV fault (providing you have tuned them in) it's down to your aerial not being good enough to receive the channels assuming they are available in your area.


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why do you want to use your Virgin box via scart rather than HDMI??


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Have you got another device that can output on Scart? Does it do the same?
Maybe you Virgin box is dodgy.


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been on the blower, fault tv so they are sending a new one out, ive tryed 2 different virgin boxes and 3 different scart leads, still did the same

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