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Im a former professional sports coach, and have very little knowledge about I.T/ Computer programming, I have a concept idea for online sports coaching, however I need help understanding exactly what I need/ looking for to bring my idea to life.

To cut a long story short, I want to create a online sports coaching website/ app which offers you all different types of lessons & experiances, some of the lesson will be interactive, some animated, some real life etc.

Firstly is this even possible and if so how easy would it be to find some who can do this?

Second, can anyone point me in the right direction where I could learn some of this so I fully know what I need to do going forward etc.

Thankyou in advance Dan


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What you want is certainly possible, though you may required some sort of tailored service. there are a myriad of people/companies that can help and advise you on the specifics, though I appreciate that you need a bit of assistance finding the right people.

try here Its just one of the many. I bit of 'googling' on sports specific web development or web hosting may help, or hopefully someone more knowledgeable here can give you additional advise.


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You need to nail down exactly what you want. Some of your concepts are simple enough - playing a video - but others are a bit nebulous.

What is a 'real life' lesson in the context of a website or app? Are we talking about a video call with a professional coach, or something that tracks the users performance in a real event and highlights the areas where they can improve?

Websites and app development are areas where there are lots and lots of options so how you go about doing things will change depending on exactly what you want to do.

Coming up with a detailed plan of you want to do will help immensely. It'll change once you start to dig into the practicalities but even if you reject an element then the app/website design can be structured to better accommodate the possibility of adding it in the future.


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It's for this reason I think he should speak to someone and map the path and possibilities first. He openly admits little knowledge of IT, and (it seems) what is possible; someone walking him through the available channels and what he can achieve will help formulate a much better idea of he wants to offer for his online concept. I think creating a detailed plan without the knowledge to do so will be asking too much.


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Thanks for giving me some information, I have lots of ideas and ways of creating these online sessions/ videos, and can go into some real detail in this, but due to my little knowledge they may be much better things I don't know about in the world of IT etc.

At this moment in time its just a concept idea, I just want to try and gain more information about what's out their in the IT world and how do I get the ball rolling as I don't have the IT skills to bring my vision to life.

If you know anyone or know how I might find someone who could share my vision and ambition so I can really sit down and start planning that would be great.

Once again many thanks Dan.

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