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I am almost done with gathering the equipment for my installation,

1> i need advise on the sending audio from my source to the 300metres away amplifier.

Also i would like to know

2>if i should keep my source and amplifier together and send several audio speaker cable 14awg to 300meters away distance just like that,
==or use step up and step up transformers,

or keeping the amplifier near the speakers and sending long audio signal to the amp in different zones, i need good quality and effective sound with not spending too much on cables for which i thought the following

==or use rane bb22 to covert unbalanced line signal to balanced and running through double sheild braided pvc jacket mic cable. but cables will be very expensive.
==or using intelix balun and sending audio through CAT6 cable (and if the cable should be stranded or solid, plenum or general, shielded or unshielded)

Lastly if i want 3 keypads controlling one zone, can i just use one cat6 cable length and distribute data together in 3 or
do i need to run 3 different cat6 cable from source.
there is a function which can make all three work together but i need to know if i can use just single length of cat6 till the keypad area and distribut e ie.

I have a multi zone setup at my farm, where i will be using 6 zones.

Nuvo Grand Concerto with 9 Oled keypads
Source: nuvo ipod dock, 160gb nuvo m3 server, satellite radio, denon professional cd/mp3 player.
Zone1: Drawing room,

Bose acoustimass 10 5.1 system with Bose sl2 for operating rear speakers wireless.
Yamaha rx-v2700 amplifier plugged into the preampout of the nuvo system

Zone 2: Small Garden behind the drawing room

Speakercraft bb835 amplifier, 8 channel 35watts pr channel

2 Bose Freespace 251
2 Bose Freespace 51
1 Bose Freespace DS100SE
1 Klipsh 2 way rock speaker
1 TIC GS10 speaker
Zone 3 Bedroom

2 ceiling speaker polk audio RC60i powered by nuvo inbuilt amplifier
40 watts per channel

Zone 4 Fountain Garden Area (400meters away from source)

Cat 6 cable going to the keypad 400mts away
Rane MA6S 6 channel Amplifier 100watts per channel @ 8 ohm
Jensen 6 a/v distribution amp

4 Bose DS100SE 100watts contious @8ohm
2 Bose Frreespace 51 ground speaker

Zone 5

Cat 6 cabling for 3 keypads?? individual possible?

Speakercraft BB1235 Amplifier ; 12 channel 35 watts pc @ 8ohm

4 Bose Ds100se speakers
4 Bose Freespace 51
1 Speakercraft 820 ROX speaker
1 TIC GS 10 Speaker
2 TIC GS5 Speaker


Zone 6

Cat 6 for 2 keypads

Knoll MR1250F Amplifier 12 channel 50watts 8ohm
Crown CP660 Amplifier 65watts 6 channel 8ohm
Kramer VM50AN audio distribution amp

6 Bose DS100SE
2 TIC GS10

Please give your recommendationsand suggestions, and if i should do any improvements to my system. Thank you very much


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I would like to add something.

I just came accross so many different stereo audio baluns like

Cyan says 2000ft distance and around $150 so a pair is $300
Niles it says 2500ft and 110$ a pair
MuxLab send signals till 5000ft 130£ a pair
Intelix 2500ft distance and a pair cost around $150

It seems a bit confusing, as there are so many. and there specs says to use UTP Solid, but dont know if it should be plenum or non plenum?

Also is it a better to use baluns than a coaxial cables, i mean cat5e and cat6 are lot cheaper than coaxial, but any comments?

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