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Help!!! im goin mad !!!



Guy's some much needed help/advice or info.....Im looking for a new tv and so far got it down to a few:
1) Tosh 36ZP48
2) Pan TX36PL32C
3) Phil 36PW9767
Or to really throw the cat amongst the flyin vermin a decent 32" ....ive spent days and days on the net (hence the good lady aint happy !! :D ) readin review after review and all ive managed to get into my head is that whilst i really like the toshiba there seems to a real problem with settin the thing up..ive got an hitachi 32" and its great apart from havin a black case and not bein flatscreen...i have sky a home cinema kit..only a samsung HT-DB120.. a shady hitachi vcr and the obligitory xbox and ps2.The size of the set isnt that much of a problem but i want a really good picture from my sky and the consoles.As im not the most technical guy the set up of the set is also a bit of an issue. Or should i just keep what i have and blow the grand on lap dances ??? :D ...Any help would be very welcome.


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If you are very happy with your existing set then my recommendation would be to spend your money else where - not sure the 'good lady' would be too happy with the lap dances suggestion (unless she is giving them I guess)

What ever equipment you own there will always be newer, better, shinier available. The best thing to do is to go to a decent TV store (ie not Currys etc) and have a look at the likes of the Tosh or Panny PD50 with a decent feed & then look at your own TV. If you are still happy with the Hitachi then why spend money?


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Hi Hoopy and welcome to the forum,

Unfortunately you've asked a very subjective question. The main problem is what suits somebody else may not be your liking but if you have a look down the various posts your see your question has been asked on quite a few occasions. Have a read and then try and find a store that's willing enough to let you try one out at home and if you don't like it exchange it for something else. Also, go down to your local store and have a look at some of the various models on display. I know the picture is usually crap but if you take along some DVD's the guys will usually hook a player up and you can try some out. What ever you do don't let it become an obsession or you really will be going mad, just ask my wife. I'm on set number 13

Good luck with your quest.



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Hoopy said:
whilst i really like the toshiba there seems to a real problem with settin the thing up...

I've got the Tosh and I'm delighted with and I don't see any issues in setting it up. You've always got these forums for help if you do run into problems. I can't comment on the other sets. This is always the problem buying TV's, being able to accurately compare the PQ.


Thanx for the reply...have managed to see the tosh in action...god no comparrison when put up against my old hitachi...so despite the very temptin offer of the lap dances' its goin to be the Toshiba ....have looked on the forums and as you say theres a lot of help and advice out there so hopefully i wont be stuck..thanx again for the help...much appreciated.. :thumbsup:

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