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wondering if you people can help me out i am looking for a projector to be used as part of of home theatre pc, there are so many options, i was thinking about optoma ep739 as it has high lumens (2300), contrast ratio 2000:1 etc am i looking on the right lines or am i way off? looking to spend less than £1000. PLEASE HELP I'M GETTING CONFUSED
thanks :lease:


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Hi :hiya:

To be honest you don't want that sort of projector, they're designed for presentation applications with a lot of ambient light .. exactly the opposite of what makes a good home cinema.

Also, that's a DLP, have you research these and understand what the 'rainbow' effect is? That's vital if you're contemplating buying a DLP because you may be one of the small minority of people who are unable to watch a DLP.

Among LCD projectors I think Hitachi PJ-TX100 is a good machine for just short of £1000, judging by the comments owners make on here.

Try looking at recent similar threads, this is a common question and many discussions take place from which common thoughts and recommendations can be found. :)


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For 1K you can get a fantastic result.
Sanyo Z3
Infocus 4805 (DLP)
Hitachi PJTX100
Panasonic AE700 (little over 1K budget)
Sony HS50 (well over budget very well regarded)
I'm sure there are many other LCD/DLP models in this price range.

You get more resolution for your money with LCD, but DLP can give more vivid pictures. At this price range things are close so really you can't go wrong, the biggest problem as Kragorn says is that DLPs are unwatchable for a *small* minority of people so it may be wise to audition DLP first.

Don't forget to budget for a screen (or make one!) and a ceiling bracket if that's the way you plan to mount it.

I started my quest for info on this site...



i have been looking around the site and yes now i am considering the rainbow effect so thinking i might go and check a few out does anyone know of any shops that sell projectors so i can test them out so i can check if i suit dlp or lcd i tried local places curries, comet to no avail. I live in Derby area, thanks

oh by the way Z3 is a little over 1k


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You'd be very welcome to demo an H57 here, though its about an hour from Derby.

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