Help identifying a series


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Good morning,

I saw a trailer for a series on Netflix a few months ago and can’t remember the name and it’s driving me Crackers, hopefully you can help.

In a nutshell a man’s DNA Was found at a murder scene at a house in America, but CCTV had him a few hours away at a different location around the same time. Police know he did it but have to investigate why he’s in that location
That’s all to go off I’m afraid, I must have forgotten to Add it on mylist.

AV Happy

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Sounds like 'The Outsider' to me with Jason Bateman but I'm not sure that was on Netflix. I could be wrong, my wife tells me I am frequently !!!!


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Yeah it's based on the Stephen King Novel of the same name - The Outsider - and I think it's on Amazon Prime actually. Pretty good watching.


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Absolutely Bang on!!! Much appreciated, have a few virtual beers 🍻. My head can rest easy now.
Thanks again

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