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Help, ideas needed for networking


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M about to have BT Infinity 2 installed and will be jumping up to 80 DL & 20 UL. I want to make the most of these speeds, but at present my main BT point is in my Home Cinema/media room. I can connect fine in their but cannot get the wireless through the walls to the main house area. I currently use homeplug but this is only attached to the cinema mains ring which is separate so I have to use a wireless homeplug on the other access point on the main house. Problem is I only get about 3 MB on the wireless connection..any ideas how to make the most of my new speeds throughout the house and cinema?


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It looks like running in some "proper" network cables between the two and deploying an ethernet link is your only real option.

Incidently, what spec wi-fi are you using...? If A or G, 3 MB/sec (big "B" == bytes) transfer rates doing (say a file copy) is actually pretty good. If it's 3 Mb/sec (little "b" == bits) ain't so good.
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Your homeplugs can work together off separate rings matey.

Parents have one running off upstairs ring and other one connected in garage off a submain!

As long as they're connected to the same supply/fusebox. They'll work together!


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any ideas how to make the most of my new speeds throughout the house and cinema?

As Mick has said, the only real way of making the most of this broadband link is with cat5E cabling. Homeplugs and wireless probably just won't cut it. Saying that though, I doubt there's many single websites out there that can sustain 80Mb to one destination, downloading via newsgroups might be one. What you will be able to do is have multiple devices using that 80Mb split into smaller chunks, but that then depends on where your devices are located. If they are all at the end of the same homplug or wireless link then you've got the same problem.

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