HELP! I want to take the next step in video editing


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I bought Ulead Videostudio 7 a few months ago...
I find it a bit too tame.
The text editor is pretty crap. At least that's what I think.
As I can understand, Ulead Videostudio and Pinnacle are quite similar.
What if I want to take the next step?
I don't want to use Adobe Premiere, as I've heard it's very tricky to get in to.
Basically, I would like a video editor, which can do a bit more than UVS and Pinnacle. But at the same time, also pretty easy to get used to.
Hope someone can help me.


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Originally posted by dockerslund
I don't want to use Adobe Premiere, as I've heard it's very tricky to get in to.
To be honest I think the next step up from the Ulead and Pinnacle programs would be Premiere or Vegas Video, and I think Premiere is much much easier to use than Vegas.

Why not download the trial and see what you think?

Premiere Pro Trial


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Ok, I might as well give it a try then...
Is it a big advantage, if I'm used to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator?


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New version 5 of Vegas (with DVD Architect) get's my vote


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Each camp has it's own followers.

Premiere has a larger user base & because of this a larger number of third party plug-ins , filters etc.

I personally find Vegas very easy to use , it is not hardware dependant & runs well on even modest PCs.

Most Vegas users are converted Premiere users.

Get free trials for both & try them yourself.

Vegas has in the last year been bought by Sony & this has not had a detrimental affect on Vegas' fantastic user support. Vegas + DVD Architect bundle also has a Dolby certified surround encoder (if creating DVDs is important for you). A standalone 5.1 Dolby encoder can cost £1000 on it's own :eek:

For text editing I actally use Boris Graffiti plug-in for Vegas (which is very versatile & I'm sure would do anything you want but is quite complex)

I would also look at the user forums of both products & see which camp have the most disgruntled customers (bugs).

It is likely both products will have feature sets beyond what you will ever need to do & are capable of producing professional output for commercial TV stations.

Perhaps your editing skill will grow with the product.

Good Luck:D

Ulead's Cool3D Production Studio is a cheap , good value, versatile program for text creation. You could use that with your current editor (if that is your only concern). I have used that to create titles in Vegas before & it is really good for the money.
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