Help I think my AE100 might have died!


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I finally managed to construct a ceiling mount for my panny, when i sat down to watch it the following happened:

I switched on the power by rocker switch. I pressed the standby button, fan kicks in and bulb lights up but ....... after about 10 seconds the whole thing switches back to standby and will not come back on unless you switch it off again by the rocker switch. Then the whole thing happens again.

Does this mean my panny has failed?

If so, do i contact Panasonic or the retailer? It is about 3 months old and only has 32 hours on the clock.


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Wow that doesn't sound good. I'd suggest you phone Pannasonic in the morning and ask to speak to a tech who deals with projectors. Describe the problem and see what he says. If its toast or needs repairing, then you will need to contact the company you bought it from.


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How far in did you screw your mounting screws?
Try taking it off your mount and seeing if it powers up....
Ian Guinan


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I've fixed it! It just needed a filter clean - after only 32 hours!

The manual wasn't very clear - but it now works. I am sooo happy!


I had the same problem with mine with a home made bracket, exactly the same problem that turned out to be the fixing screws going into the underside of the projector that were a bit long and after I made them shorter no more problems and WOWW!!! what a picture.

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