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    I am making a virtual mannequin. You may have seen them at airports and the like? I have done all the tests with an acer es522 which is ok for the tests.

    For the finished thing I'm needing a projector that can zoom in more so effectively project a torso sized image at about 6-8 foot.

    The projector could sit on its side

    The budget is maximum £600

    And it will be inside in a shop so not dark but not in sunlight.

    It will run for about 6 hours a day so bulb replacement costs might become a factor!

    With all due respect- before you think of replying 'it can't be done for less than £3000 with a diamond super max ultra screen' then don't. It is being done at the moment with a budget projector and the expensive £250 per metre film all I want to know is what would you recommend for £600! Sorry for the rant but I'm well used to forums!:)

    Thanks in advance!
    Oh and I am willing to look at second hand.

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