Help! I need some body, Help!



You might reconise the words from a song but it says it all.
I have ordered a pioneers 436XDE much to the delight of her in doors....not!
I only have £150 left over to buy a DVD that will be able to play the HD discs when they arrive in May, dosnt need to be a recorder.
Any suggestions, and what is this term DVXI or something like that, should I have that..

Thanks, a man who now has to buy his wife some jewellery to calm her down

ps she think it only cost £1050...hee hee
There are no DVD players yet avalable that can play HD disks, when they do become avalable there will be two formats one is HD-DVD the other Blueray.
HD-DVD is about to be released in the US and Blueray a bit later on but god knows when we will get them, maybe for Christmas.
Id imagine the first HD-DVD players that we officialy get will be at least twice your budget maybe three times and by the looks of things Blueray players will be about ten times your budget so your going to need some sort of help that no one on here can help you will.....more cash.,
The best you can do realy on your budget is get a decent standard DVD, some like the DVD players with HDMI for upscaling and some think upscaling on a DVD player is close to a waste of time as oyur Plasma will upscale the image anyway.


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