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I have to decide on the media set up for a new room,
these are the things I have available to use
Sony A8 tv
Sonos Arc
Apple TV box Version 2
a number of external hard drives of various ages and sizes
an old apple 2tb time capsule
WD 8tb mycloud drive
2008 Mac book pro
Disney +, Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime,Spotfy and Virgin TV
Broadband - if Virgin are to be believed will be super fast (512) and the router etc will end up being hard wired to any or all of the above.

I have a fair size collection of DVD's ripped to a 2013 iMac but they could go anywhere.

In an ideal world all of the streaming services and the ripped dvd's would be available from one source and this source would also hold the ripped CD's so the Sonos system can acces those too.

I know that having the above resources is amazing but would appreciate some advice as to how to make them all work together - I haven't installed (and my builder will hate me if I change stuff again) a HDMI from the iMac (which can share screens) to the TV but could find a way if this was the best option.

Also I'd like (given the current times) to install a very small camera near the TV for zoom meetings but have no idea where to start

Thanks in advance


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Well you have a NAS in the form of the MyCloud but it's a pretty basic one, if it can generate SMB/samba network shares that can be fed to the Sonos for music and for video on the Sony A8.

On the Sony get MrMC from Google app store and use that to access the shared folders of the MyCloud so you can play your ripped DVD's.

If the MyCloud isn't up to the task buy a Synology NAS instead or consider using one of your Mac's as media server with USB HDD's (though this isn't a very power efficient path) using Plex media server.

For Zoom Facebook make a device called PortalTV, it will give you Zoom meetings on your TV if thats what your after. Or you can use this software to turn your iPhone into a web camera for use with Zoom running on computer

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