Help; i just cant "hear" anything clearly...!!


Hi all,

Im convinced im going deaf and am seeking a solution because really, i think its just poor quality audio.

Here is what i have

A sony KDL52W5500 big tv circa 2010
A kenwood KRV5090 A surround sound receiver
Blade BM5000s sat receiver
Sony BDP S1500 blu ray player

A pair of TDL floor standing speakers (3 units in each)

OK so its not al new stuff but it all works...

Now my problem is that i just cannot HEAR things clearly when watching a film. The sound, especially and most notably voices are indistinct and its so annoying.

I did think that i needed to buy one of these sound bar things but i also think i need to do some research before spending any more money.

All clues welcome please...

PS i dont think its just me as partner complains of same..

Peter Parker

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Are you running in stereo or as surround with a phantom centre (centre speaker should be set to 'off')? Have you tried different surround options to see if they improve the dialogue? Usually the centre channel has all the dialogue and a lot of the on screen action, and is used for around 80% of a movie's audio, so if that isn't set up right, that may account for why you aren't hearing the dialogue so well.


Hmmm...maybe you have hit on something as i dont really know my surround sound from my dolby 5.1,,its all just sound to me !

Now the amp does have a centre output set of terminals but there is nothing connected to it.

The TDL speakers are just connected left and right !

I wonder what sort of speaker i might add to centre in the hope of adding some clarity?

I think the amp is always set to stereo?

Peter Parker

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If you have the manual, see if you can check the set up to make sure the amp knows you don't have a centre speaker, and see what difference (if any) that makes.

Just for fun you could connect one of the speakers to the centre terminals on tha amp and see if you get sound coming out of it, and see what that is like.

If you do want to get a centre speaker, from an audiophile point of view you'd want one the same as the left and right (but usually you can't stand one in the middle so most people get one that is designed to lay flat), or at least made by the same company and using the same drivers as the L&Rs, but you'll probably find it's not that critical so anything of similar nature will probably do.

I used a different centre compared to my L&R for years and it never stood out that it was different except if something panned from left to right and I was listening for it with the picture off but that's just me :)


Thanks,,i guess ive just been a bit lazy in getting to understand the sound profiles and systems that are out there and just assumed that traditional left/right stereo was ok when plainly it isnt as that doesnt faithfully reproduce the sound formats available. I'll dig out the manual for the amp/rx and have a good read as a start


Well progress is being made !
I found the manual for the amp/receiver on internet and learned how it works and more importantly, how to switch the surround sound settings to put centre speaker in phantom mode which has made a real difference. Obviously im still running only two speakers L & R with three units in each but at least there is no more indecipherable mumbling !


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Glad you got the centre sorted, otherwise you would have been stuck watching Charlie Chaplin movies for a while :)

Panos Danas

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Hallo friend , just take a shot , upload it , so we can see and judge.:clap::clap::cool::thumbsup:


Getting my system calibrated to the room made an impressive difference to the clarity of dialogue - and yes, the centre channel was always working.

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