Question Help I have run out of Aux inputs!


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Hi, I have a Musical Fidelity M6i and I have already got the Gyrodeck. CD and dab Radio all connected,
However I would like to also get a DAC and connect another record deck.

The Gyrodeck is via a phono stage to Aux but the second has an on board phono stage so would need to go via and AUX input.
The CD is connected via the dedicated CD Aux input and the radio again via a dedicated AUX input

As you can see in the picture the RCA sockets are from left to right
HT/AUX (I have no idea what HT is?) This is the one I have the Gryrodec on
Tape record
Pre out

So looking at that were should I connect the DAC, second Record deck?
Is there some sort of switch over box I could get?

Any help please?



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Hi There, the HT/Aux should allow connection of an AVR so you can use the same set of Front L/R in stereo and Home Theatre applications. for a multiplicity of extra connections, you can get a line level switch from Beresford, ( TC-7240 is one I had in the past) they have various models and combinations, hope this helps some!:):smashin::hiya:


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You can use the HT/Aux & Tape inputs for the DAC & second TT, they're just named as they are for convenience. Just be sure that the HT mode is switched off as that effictively makes that input full power/volume with no volume control.

If you need more in future then you can by phono swiches in various combinations & price points. eg:



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Thank you guys I knew there must be a solution but if you don't know what it's called...
I have now ordered one will be here Tuesday. 👍

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