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Help!! I have a bad feeling about this!



First post people - wondered if anyone could help.

Long story short - doing some DIY plugged a hand drill into a socket (not the same room as Hifi but on the same ring main DOH!), anyway in hindsight I know I shouldn't have but didn't think :mad:, anyway I always leave my system left on standby and shortly after went to listen to a CD. Although music reproduction is normal, volume etc.. it is now accommpanied by a high pitch buzz - not great for SQ lol.
I have my own ideas - but any other views would be much appreciated.
System consists of CD transport, DAC, pre amp, 2xmonoblocks, speakers and sub.


Jules Tohpipi

Prominent Member
"Although music reproduction is normal, volume etc.. it is now accommpanied by a high pitch buzz - not great for SQ lol."

I'd switch the drill off...




Established Member
Imagine you've tried it already, but there's an off-chance that turning all your hi-fi off - leaving it say 20mins - then turning it on again might help matters. If you've got a spare CD player, amp etc then the obvious thing is to try swapping out components one by one to find where the problem lies...

Maybe a power surge did it (wouldn't say much for the wiring in your house, though, if using a drill while your hi-fi's on can do that ;) ) If so, you might find you home insurance company will cover the damage. Alternatively, I guess it *could* just be a coincidence that it happened when you were drilling...

Probably kind-of late, but in future you might consider keeping your hi-fi plugged into a surge protector - cost under £10 (though people have different thoughts as to whether such things effect sound) which should stop anything similar from happening in future :D



Thanks jon I do have spare kit and will when time allows swap/change over to see what if anything has been affected. Yeh never had a problem before, in the house with such things - we shall see I suppose. Cheers for the info though.

Jules Tohpipi

Prominent Member
Aye, after the gags, I was going to suggest a system reset too.

Doing some detective work here, then I would mostly suspect the DAC to be at fault - it sounds typical of DAC fault anyway. Why?

The CD transport won't be capable of producing the buzz.
A knackered DAC could produce a buzz on both channels.
A knackered pre could produce buzz on both channels.
It's highly unlikely you have knackered both power amps.
Speakers can't produce buzzes on their own.

That leaves the DAC and Pre. The fault doesn't sound typical of a pre-amp fault. Which leaves the DAC. Assuming the fault you are describing can be heard through both speakers.

I'd try leaving it switched off for 10 minutes, then plug and pray. Otherwise I see a trip to the dealer in your future.

Good luck.

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