Question Help! I dropped my Galaxy S10 LCD broken but flickers white red green blue then works


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Hey all,

I dropped my Galaxy S10 without it's case and broke the screen but sometimes I get the screen working sometimes it just flashes white for a second can't hail bixby nothing then all of a sudden bixby will start listening for "hey bixby" and can be hailed and sometimes I get the screen come back to life all but a small area in the top left of the screen also DEX will always work as long as I can blindly hit the start button on the device so am I looking at more damage than the screen or is this normal for the backlight/screen they use??


Sounds like you just need the screen replacing. Might be abit difficult at the moment though until the shops open again. Should be 15th of this month so not long to wait. Unless it’s under warranty and can do a repair via mail?

My advice would be to go to Samsung or whoever does repairs on Samsung’s behalf, don’t cheap out and go to the guy on a market stall, you’re screen will never work the same again, or the colours will be off etc.


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Yes 100% Samsung my device is in warranty it’s 4 months old no way I’d even buy an OEM screen and do it I’ve got a recorded call quoting if it’s fuced through them then breaks down with out being my fault it will Ben done under warranty I was more worriedly the motherboard may be damaged where sometimes I can’t hail bixby and that wouldn’t be covered due to the fact I broke the screen

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