Help I can`t get Prog scan on Tosh 9000e


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I`ve just set up Tosh 9000e this afternoon after delivery. Its fine ,except when I press for Progressive scan on the remote, interlace shows in top left corner of screen . Pressing again gives Progressive but the picture turns green any ideas what is wrong ?
cheers PeterB


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make sure the DVD player/TV/projector etc is set to video or s-video - doesn't work with RGB (as far as I'm aware).


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As smurfin says the video output from the Tosh player must be set to svid or composite and not rgb.

Check your component cables are in the right conectors at both ends. (you are using the component out aren't you???)

What is at the other end TV or PJ, plasma ???


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Tried it at Video ,Svideo,will try another component cable to the plasma screen this morning. I am using Pioneer 433mxe plasma.


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I `ve disconnected the dvd player from the plasmsa checked and rest of the settings of both,( though they looked right) relocated the cable and the Pro scan is now working . Thanks for your help . Regards Peter B.

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