Help, Hubbys shredded important papers!


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Hubby had a clear out of the spare room last week and I just found something out. He has accidentally shredded our Legal & General Insurance Documents. These were documents for the mortgage insurance incase one of us dies. I have no account number or anything.

Will Legal & General be able to help us get other copies of these documents? Do you think they will charge?


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I'm sure they'll be no problems getting replacement documents sent out, and would be surprised if they charged too. They'll be able to bring up your details via address/postcode or name I'm sure, and then just send out replacements to the registered address.

I've had replacement insurance docs sent out before...


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Cheers guys, guess I panicked a bit thats all. Not being able to get in touch until tomorrow. :)


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Press 1 for new policies
Press 2 for claims
Press 3 if your husband has been a complete knob and shredded your policy documents :)


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I was going to sujest taping all teh tiny bits back togeher but then it would be all shiny and thats no good :p

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