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Help, how do I use my plasma screen without a tuner box.


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Hi everyone,
I was recently given a Phillips matchline 42 inch screen with tuner box, and the tuner box doesn't work.

It has been to the repairers and they have said that the system board has gone and it needs a new one, which is very expensive.

However the screen is fine, so what I need to know is why can't I just use the screen to watch sky and the Dvd player, it has 2 VGA ports at the back, and another port similar to VGA near the power supply.

Can anyone advise on if i can do it, and if so how?



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if the other port is a DVI socket, you could use that for video, with a HDMI/DVI cable.
You'd also need an audio input, is there one?


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there is an RS232 socket that looks like a VGA but it only has 2 rows of pin holes, and it has an RC out aswell as 2 vga ports.

So what do you guys think, is it possible?


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Its possible to get VGA to scart adaptor cables, try Keene Electronics or similar. I'm not sure what RC is.
Hasn't it got a component input?

The inputs will be on the knacked tuner box most likely, so the VGA/Scart is maybe the only way.
You'd still need an audio input though. Its not looking good mate.

Unless you've got an AV amp and speakers, then audio is sorted.
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So Kev12,
I have a samsung all in one dvd player and amp and speakers, which i have used for audio before. I used to run audio through this system with the rca cables i think.

So I am trying to grasp this!

If I get the VGA to scart cables that will sort the picture, and i am guessing that i must be able to get some cables that connect from the sky box to the samsung all in one and have it on the aux function like i used to that should work, and if i want to use something else, ie. DVD or games console then i plug the audio leads back into each unit.

Next question I guess is what the hell kind of leads will sort the audio out.

Just looked on the back of each and they have the red and white audio in and out.

So will that work?

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