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Question Help - Home Cinema advice needed


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Hi All,

Many thanks in advance for any advice offered.

I currently have this pioneer setup PIONEER HTP072Black 5.1 Package System inc Speakers excluding DVD Player

It's been great for an entry level setup and ive really enjoyed having it for a couple of years, we've now moved house and also recently had to get a new TV unit before our little boy started toddling as the glass shelved unit i previously had wouldnt have been very safe.

I've now got a new TV Unit but unfortunately due to a derp moment with measurements i can't fit the Pioneer inside it with the required items connected. (Sky, Xbone and PS4).

Sooo im looking for something to replace the Pioneer and could do with a little help from you fine knowledgable fellows! I already have a buyer for the Pioneer system as a whole setup so all the speakers and sub will be going with it - so essentially need a full replacement.

I've been checking this out LG BH9540TW Home Cinema System - Blu-ray Disc™ 9.1 Home Cinema System with LG Smart TV and Wireless Speakers - LG Electronics UK as it seems like a really good all in one setup and general satisfaction seems high from reviews etc but it's a little bit more than i wanted to pay currently and i'm hoping it may come down during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals. I'm also not really in need of an additional blu ray player.

I've also been googling around for Slimline Recievers but seems to be slim pickings - the Marantz NR1506 and Pioneer VSXS310 seem to be popular results. So keeping to a budget of around £500 - what are your recommendations? I will need speakers and a sub if i go this route. I'm also really interested in having Wireless Surround speakers so as not to have to run cables in the new living room - im not even sure if there's any way this can be done with seperate reciever.

A last option i've been considering is a Soundbar and Wireless Sub setup, but these seem really expensive for what they offer and would also leave buttons exposed for curious little fingers to go pressing. My TV is the LG55UF950V. It has a really stunning looking curved stand and im not 100% sure how this would look with a soundbar sat in front of it - im a little reluctant to cover it up as it almost makes it seem the TV is floating. The curve seems more extreme than the curved soundbars which are curved slightly to match curved screens.

Thanks again for any advice offered.

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You say that you current receiver cannot be accommodated within the cabinet, but in what way? The other receiver's you mention will be deeper than the one your already have so is it just the height that is an issue?

Forget about having wireless surrounds. There are very few on viable wireless speakers on the market, they will be expensive for what they are and will still require some wires for power to the speakers.

The Marantz NR1506 would be on my list, but also look at Yamaha's RXS601 if not interested in the Atmos or DTS:X abilities of the Marantz receiver.

Soundbars and sound projectors are okay, but not as good as having conventional surround speakers. As you've noted, the better ones cost quite a lot too so are only something you should consider if you cannot accommodate conventional surround sound speakers in your room.

You should realistically be budgeting twice the cost of the receiver for a 5.1 package to complement it. Ideally up to three times the cost would be even better. THe speaker package is often overlooked by users not knowledgable about home theatre setups, but in reality the sum total cost of the speakers should far exceed that of the receiver powering them in order to give you a well balanced setup. You can of cause disregard this and buy the cheapest thing on offer in Richer Sounds, but you'll be getting what you pay for most of the time.
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Thanks for the detailed response. I should have said that yeah its purely the height of the receiver that is the issue.

The current Pioneer setup only originally cost me £250 and I've been more than satisfied with it. I do appreciate what you are saying regarding the speaker costs and such but I'm not after anything top level. I just want something that will ideally fit into the unit and give me a decent sound.

I'm looking to spend around £500 Max but could go more if necessary.

Thanks again for your input :)

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