Question Help :) Hisense H50A6140/50A6500 vs Philips 50PUS6703/50PUS6753


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Hisense 50A6140/50A6500 vs Philips 50PUS6703/50PUS6753

Hello guys, good night for all of you. First of all I'd link to thank you all in this forum, such a great source of material, information and learning. I'm so much better prepared to make a good purchase than I was before discovering
I know that my question is probably not new, but I've been doing a fairly deep research over the last week and honestly, I can't stop feeling more and more overwhelmed about all the options available.

What I have set already:

Budget: around 400 EUR
Size: 50" UHD, thanks to TV Viewing Distance Guide and Should I upgrade? - UHD vs FHD
Panel type: VA, thanks to Which TV Panel is Right For me? (Viewing Angles)

So, I dove deeply into My best value TVs, 2018-2019 Edition and was pretty set into the Hisense H50A6500 for 430 EUR (410 + 20 for a central desk stand, as its' feet are far apart for the rack I have).
But then I read somewhere in this forum Dodgexander saying that any Hisense A6XXX would be the same, and the Hisense 50A6140 is currently selling for 360 EUR (340 + 20 the stand) here in Portugal.
Bu then (haha) I found these Philips, 50PUS6703 and 50PUS6753, which are basically the same (it seems the only difference is 6753 has a central stand), for 420 EUR (400 + 20 the stand) and 430 EUR respectively, and I honestly don't know what to choose.

So I've made a little comparison, pros and cons, and hopefully you guys can help me out, mostly correcting me if I have anything wrong and let me know if my reasoning is right. All the info I have displayed here is either from the manufacturer's website or some trusted reviewers:


EDIT: Sorry, forgot to add. The comparison is just for the differences I found relevant. Anything else that isn't included or compared, as far as I know, is either the same or not relevant to me (?) :)

I'm very much inclined for either the H50A6500 or the 50PUS6753, as I'm pretty certain I should avoid those 250 nits (info directly from Hisense's website), and I'm really really interested in that Ambilight (but as I've never seen it personally, don't know if it's one of those gimmicks that I'll most certainly turn off after the first week).

Anyway, thank you in advance. Any input is very appreciated. Please let me know if you think the 50A6140 is going to perform comparably, so I can save 70 bucks, or which of of the other 3 is the best for my 430 EUR.

Have a great week :)


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All 50” models will be broadly similar. If you can’t get the Samsung NU7400 within budget then get the cheapest one available.


I'm not sure the nits figure is correct on their website. All the A series should have the same picture quality, including peak brightness.

Also, nits isn't really something to worry about so much unless you are talking HDR, which by all means is not going to be very good on any of these TVs.

The only other time its important is if you have an unusually bright room.

Ambilight isn't a gimmick, you can use it as a gimmick if you wish, but you can also use it as bias lighting which people add to their TVs anyway.

Sound - All TVs are poor, wouldn't even think about it.
USB - trivial, USB 3 isn't important as the bandwidth will never be needed.
Bluetooth - useless again, most TVs advertised with bluetooth are for "input devices only" and if they do have audio support, you can expect to add 150ms or more latency to enjoy delayed bluetooth audio. If you want the option of headphones, use a headphone socket.
Stand - you could always buy and fit your own.

I agree with zep above, Samsung 50" or even LG 50" models are better overall packages than these, but they may also cost more.

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