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Hi everyone, long time reader first time poster here with an issue that has me at my wits end so hoping you can help.

In December 2017 I bought a 65" LGB7 OLED TV and an Onkyo TXNR676 receiver from Richer Sounds. However at that time I was decorating my living room so I only set up the TV straight away. The Onkyo was left boxed for several months.

Hooked up to the TV I had a PS4 Pro into HDMI2, an XBOX One X into HDMI3 and a Nintendo Switch into HDMI4. The only issue I found at this point was the HDMI1 input would not always work (hold that thought).

I set up the TV correctly using the recommended picture settings on AVForums and enabled HDMI deep colour for HDR which worked fine.

A few months later when I finished the living room I then added the Onkyo AV to my set up. I have a 5m 'High speed' HDMI cable channelled through my wall as I wall mounted the TV. This went from the Onkyo to HDMI2(ARC) on the TV. The Ps4, Xbox and Switch then went into the GAME, BD/DVD and STRM/BOX inputs on the amp respectively.

Then suddenly at random when playing games the picture would drop out. Going to a green screen, then static grey, to black then to the TV screen saver saying 'No Signal'. I would then have to switch over the amp to another source and then switch back again for the picture to come back up. Very annoying to say the least. It did this mostly with the Ps4 at first but it wasn't long before it happened on everything.

I contacted Richer Sounds who firstly asked me to do a bit of investigation to eliminate possible issues. They suggested that it may be a cabling issue in that the HDMI cable in my wall was too long at 5 metres. I explained that the cable worked fine when used directly from device to TV before the amp was introduced and to disprove their suggestion further I purchased a different high speed cable this time only 3 metres long and this made no difference.

At this point I'm thinking to myself - if this problem only started when I introduced the amp (other than Tv's dodgy HDMI1 port) then it must be the amp causing the problem right?? Handshaking issue?

Richer Sounds were great and took back the Onkyo and offered me a replacement. I opted for the new Pioneer VSX933 however they were currently out of stock. They ordered one for me and whilst I waited they loaned me a Sony STDRN1080 amp for about a week. This worked FLAWLESSLY throughout the time I had it reinforcing my assumption that it was the Onkyo that was faulty.

A week later I returned the Sony in exchange for the Pioneer. Within the first few hours the same issue started again just like the Onkyo (grrr). I still have the Pioneer hooked up now and note that it mostly occurs when playing a HDR game.

A few days ago a firmware update for the TV and the Pioneer became available. I installed both and this hasn't helped. In fact, the first time I booted up a HDR game since the updates the signal dropped out 3 times in 5 minutes!

I went back to Richer Sounds with more questions as now I'm really lost. Why did the Sony work so well but the Onkyo and Pioneer are having this problem? Coincidence that Pioneer and Onkyo are now the same company? Baring in mind the Tv's dodgy HDMI1 input from the beginning could it be the TV at fault?

Richer Sounds seem as lost as I am and the latest email from them suggests that I either have the TV sent off for LG service centre for testing or I go back to the Sony amp that seemed to work fine.

I felt tempted to do the latter but then why should I put up with a £2500 TV that only has 3 working HDMI ports? So I have opted to have the TV sent away.

What do you guys think of my situation? Is there anything you could suggest or is this something you have heard of before?

Any help is appreciated and I apologise for the lengthy post.



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