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john Hoggy

I have virtually decided that I am going to get the bose acoustimass 10 speaker package, I have listened to them and thought they sounded great, although I know there are some people on this site that dont like them, that's their choice.

The problem is which amp/receiver to get, as the bose sat speakers all go through the subwoofer which is only 5.1 not 6.1.

I was considering the marantz 4300/5300 & the yamaha 630.
the latter being preferred, but all these are 6.1 receivers which would probably be a waste of money seeing as I cant connect a sixth sat to the bose sub.
I know the marantz do the 4200/5200 models but are they much different to the above and also do yamaha do an equivalent model of the 630 but only 5.1?

Which is the best way to go, get a 6.1 & not use the sixth channel or get a 5.1 receiver, if so which would be more compatible with the bose speakers.

I will use the system mainly for films, but will also use occasionly for music also.

All advice welcome as I cant make my mind up.


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Look at the Yamaha RVX530RDS, which is Titanium is the HT (?) 5550. It has ProLogic II, is 5.1 and can mimic 6.1. Try PeterTyson.



Hi John
Why don't you get a 6.1 amp, that way if you feel like upgrading to 6.1 you won't have to replace the whole lot.


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There are plenty of good 5.1 systems that do what you want and don't cost the earth.

the Yamaha DSPAX620 is 5.1 (no radio tuner) can be got for £199
The Yamaha RSVX620RDS (with tuner) can be got for £229
The Marantz 4200 can be got for 199.95
The Marantz 5200 (with 6.1 in matrix form) can be got for £329.95

All these are at RIcher sounds (no doubt others will price match). Personally I like the 5200 best as it is great for music. But all of these are good machines.

Decide whether you would ever think of going to 6.1 or not. 5.1 is still v. good and although I have the 5200 I am not currently planning to go 6.1

Good hunting. PS listen to these machines before deciding

john Hoggy

Thanks for the advice will probably go for a 5.1 system.
Not heard any yet hoping to demo some in the next week.
But for the 5.1 looks like I will have to get an older model.


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You may not have the speakers for 6.1 or fancy it now but at £297 for you reckon that a little financial sacrefice now is in order?

PS 6.1 version of LOTR is out today!!!!


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Yes I must admit that if I was looking at AV kit i would be going the 6.1 route now. May cost a bit extra now but will cost a whole load more come trade in.

john Hoggy

I have decided to go the 6.1 route.
I will be getting the yamaha 630rds with bose acoustimass 10 speakers with the bose vcs-10 centre speaker to make it 6.1 as advised by bose.
I have heard the speakers at a friends, and they do sound tinny for music in prologic mode but not on 3 stereo or stereo mode and deffinately not in 5.1 mode.
I hope the prologic II make this better but still sound excellent in stereo anyway for music.


Thanks for all the advice, please feel free to comment on the above.


my 2 cents

1, I have owned BOSE AM10+VCS-10 center channel for 2 months. And the receiver I bought is ONKYO TXSR-600 (6.1).
replace one cube array with the center channel and use it as surround back

2, just sold my BOSE yesterday (after 2 months using). Well, all I can tell is: use the same price you paid for BOSE. You can get most brand with far better performance (2 times at least)

check this:

john Hoggy

I have just bought the yamaha 630rds & a set of kef kht2005 speakers.
After hearing these in a demo they sounded far superior to the bose in my opinion, so got them instead.
It is now up and running and the sound is amazing.
Thanks for all the great advice from a novice in this field.

Ps the cut off frequency on the amp is 90Hz for the LFE signal.
The sat speakers go down to 80Hz.
There is a dial on the subwoofer from 40 to 150hZ or there abouts.
If I set this dial anywhere above 90Hz this should be OK.
Is that a correct statement or did I get confused?



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Set you sub at 90 Hz (+10 -0)and no higher as your bass may start to sound boom. Let the sub do its job and only that :)


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