HELP, going out of my mind trying to output DVD to TV


I am going out of my mind here, wondering how anyone has the patience to try and do what should be, on the face of it, a simple task.

I am simply trying to play a DVD from the PC, to a TV set. However, it is ANYTHING but simple. I am using a Geforce4 Ti4200 graphics card, and have connected it via S-VHS (S-Video) to the TV S-VHS input.

My Nvidia driver did not seem to support TV out, so I tried a newer version. That does support TV out, but I can only get a black and white display.

So I download a copy of TV Tool, and that allows me to get a colour picture on my screen.

However, I could not see video at all when I played DVDs. I could see the pointer, but not the video, even though it was playing on my monitor.

Suspecting macrovision to be at fault, I use the function to bypass it in TV Tool.

Now my machine just completely crashes, the pointer moves slow, the movie will not play at all with TV tool running. Turning macrovision on or off seems to have no effect. It results in me having to do a hard reset of the machine.

I have tried re-installing Power DVD, but to no avail.


I have no experience with Nvidia cards but here's what might help.

- Make sure the TV out is set to output PAL60 or PAL if your TV doesn't support NTSC
- You probably need to make the TV out the primary display as this is what the overlay (i.e. DVD) output will be shown on.

Hope that helps :)


Thanks for the reply mate, although I have to admit that a reinstall of TV Tool has inexplicably fixed the problem. Ah well, just like the 2.5 hours it took to flash my BIOS (including recovering it when it died during the process), it has took me 6.5 hours to do this.

Would you believe I work with computers for a living :rotfl:

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