help getting better sound from my kef 2005's



hi there guys, I was wondering if someone could give me some adivce on my Kef's 2005. I am mainly concerned about listening to movies with these, though music is important. :)

Firstly, I take it I set my Kef's to 'small' under my amp? Now, how do I setup my sub woofer accordingly (i.e. what level for the phase etc...).

Also, is there anyway of making my dialogue clearer while maintaining good front surround effects? The rear surround effects are excellant but I seem to be missing my front surround (even though they sound fine on test tones). I know some of these is to do with my room share and setup which I can't do anything about.

thanks for any help you can give.


Phil Hinton

Staff member
1) set speakers to small, this routes bass to the sub.

2) play about with the sub to get the crossover right, this will take a few days of slight adjustments to get just right.

3) use a SPL meter and a set up disc at 75db to get all channels right.

4) don't set the sub to high, this muddles the soundfield, a sub is to compliment not overpower your speakers.

Hope this helps.

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