Help get PS2 slim online!


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Hi my uncle is getting a Slim PS2 in a few days as his old fat PS2 died. He has just last week got broadband put in with a computer. Right so here is where I need help the PS2 will be upstairs and the computer is down stairs. So how would I able to get the PS2 online from upstairs he dose not have a router. I know he will be able to enable ICS (internet connection sharing) so is there away to make the PS2 connect to online wireless or something? What about home plugs I was thinking these would work but there is a problem there is only 1 ethnet connection on the computer witch is being used to get the PC on the internet. So is there some kined of ethnet home plug to USB homeplug or something?

Please help if you can thanks.


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Theres some wireless things around on the internet but i doubt they'd work. A 20m ethernet cable would reach i bet..


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yes i think your best bet is to get a 20m ethernet cable, i havent seen any kind of wireless device for the ps2 slim

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