HELP!!! G5 too hot!


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Just browsed through the temperature thread below, downloaded a widget or two and discovered that my 2.7 Power PC G5's CPU is running a temp of about 82 degrees C!!! :eek: Logic board is around 45 deg C. Processor seems to be using 60% capacity just to run firefox as well. None of this seems right surely? I've only firefox and quicktime running, and Quick isn't actually doing anything right now. Machine has only been on for about 35 minutes!

Help! What's going on? She's only 2 years old if that! :(


Not sure it's anything to worry about, but this can happen if an Application (glitch) starts taking lots of CPU cycles. Simply resstarting the computer can clear the problem. (Many Mac users don't restart for months on end).

You can also use Activity monitor to view active processes and sort the processes into CPU load order. A culprit may be at the top of the list unexpectedly using processor cycles. You can kill it.

Two Applications I've had this trouble with are HP all-in-one printer/copy/fax software, and Harmony Remote setup (which installs itself as a startup App).


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My dual 2.7 reguarly runs around that sort of temp when doing something, I have seen it go over 90 when doing video encoding!

While writing this I have Photoshop, messenger, Safari, itunes, and a few other things open, the processors are set to reduced and is running around 65 degrees.

I wouldnt worry about the temps, the liquid cooling in these computers is pretty good, I have mine since they were first released and never had a problem with it over heating. Sounds like firefox has glitched to me.


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Thanks guys! Much appreciated. Was quite worried! Strangely I always thought my 2.7 would be superfly fast at everything, but I don't find that's the case. It's not slow as such, just doesn't seem to have the 'instant pop' of machines i've played with in store. I have a big amount of RAM too (3G). Any ideas?


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What are you running all the time?

Check Utilities/Activity Monitor, you'll probably find you are running a few things in the menubar and dashboard which you don't really need, turn them off and you should get a nice speed boost, also double check what apps are loading at boot System Prefs > Accounts > Login Items as there are a few programs which will run but not show it, ie. iCal's notifier. A quick Google will tell you what you need and don't need although most of its pretty obvious.

What you could try is a fresh user account and see if that "pops" like the store machines, can never hurt to take a backup of your stuff and reformat or just switch accounts after 2 years of running it'll have built up a layer of crud :D Oh and try a G5 specific build of Firefox as the official build is really bad at sucking up CPU cycles might help as well. Or if that doesn't help I'll swap you my super-fast G4 mini :p


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I have a 74Gb Raptor boot drive in mine as well as 4.5Gb of Ram, I dont find it at all slow, however I sometimes feel my little imac Core Duo 1.83 feels snappier like in Safari especially. But for real number crunching the G5 beats it hands down.


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i've always found the speed performance of my G5 questionable.

it runs super quick doing and somethings and no faster than my powerbook g4 doing others.

when rendering in cinema 4d and motion for example (serious work load for the machine) the g5 performs well, and obviously a task that the powerbook couldn't handle, but for general web, finder, burning use etc etc, theres no difference at all - and the g5 is loaded with 4gb of RAM against the powerbooks 1gb

encoding in toast is another weird one, same speep on both machines!?

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