Question Help For Updating Firmware Of 42LG5000


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I have got a 42LG5000 TV and i want to upgrade firmware from 3.28.1 to newest version. But i didn't. I tried everything. Creating a folder LG_DTV, 7 times push 7 button but at the and firmware didnt upgrade

I put USB on my TV, 7 times push 7 button on menu at option tab. Then i see a screen about firmware but in this screen i didn't see my firmware file. Please help me.


I have the same problem, I cannot update the firmware of my 42LG5000
I have the firmware V3.41.1 and I want to install the latest V3.55.01 and the tv does not detect the firmware from the usb stick
I have tried with several usb stick and still do not detect it
the usb stick I have formatted them in FAT32
poyraztayfur have you been able to solve it ??

Thank you


finally and after trying many usb sticks I have managed to update with this one Toshiba 8GB:


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