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Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by steveo_69, Aug 19, 2005.

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    Hi folks

    Help needed for complete novice. I have searched the previous posts but cannot find an exact solution to my problem. I am sure it has been asked a thousand times alos.

    I have sky digital connected to an additional tv in the bedroom with a magic eye. I have added an additional LCD TV and would like to view sky there also. I tried to connect it from the RF2 output to the new LCD tv but the picture was worse than rubbish. In order to get the signal to the TV i used a few connecters.

    Should this work and if so are the connectors reducing the signal? Would it be possible to place an amplifier on line as the cable comes out of the box to boost the signal?

    Also would it be possible to use a splitter in the attic the view sky on two tv's(assuming i can get the signal strength up).

    Sorry for being a pain but i am tearing my hair out.

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    Jul 12, 2005
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    If you are trying to feed RF2 to two TV sets and use a magic eye, the only way to achieve this is with a compatible "amplified splitter" which will pass the magic eye signals back to the Digibox. You can't use an ordinary 50p splitter. The amplified splitters have a gain of around 7dB which is good for boosting the signal through some 7/0.18 = 39 metres of CT100 cable. The amplifier can be fitted next to the Digibox or up to 20 metres of cable away from the Digibox. (The latter is preferable but not always practical. Total cable length to each TV should be 40 metres in order to "lose" the extra signal, although most TV sets will be happy with a small overload.


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