Help for my nan ?


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(theres very little that can be done to help my nan lol)

But anyway, her old CRT has gone pop, and she is looking to replace it with an LCD........budget of £650, minimum size of 26" and it must be silver.

She dosent really need an HD panel, or HDMI (although theres no harm in having them avaliable).

I said I would have a look around for her, but I dont know where to start.

Any particular models to look at?



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Sharp P Series - 26/32P50e - best for SD - I have a 32p50 and am often very impressed by the SD quality

Although not HD ready it is HD compatible and will do it if required - although this is not high on your list of priorities.

32 inch quick Froogle search shows £668 as cheapest so i reckon you would be abl eto find it mine about 5 months ago for 699 from Richer the 26 inch will be well within you is mostly Silver!!!:thumbsup:

Well worth a look
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